Corporate Culture

at elspec group

It’s the team that counts – and according to this motto, the elspec group works.

Company founder Hans Weber wanted to found a company that does not have static or fixed rules, but one that can react to the problems of its customers. elspec has solutions for its customers and the personal communication with them is the most important asset. It is this exchange that our customers appreciate so much. Thomas Weber, CEO of the company, has adopted these values from his father. For the team this means a motivating and collegial environment in which ideas and individuality are valued and supported. The team is small, and the company sees this as an enormous advantage, because there are flat hierarchies, short internal channels, which means for the customers a quick implementation of their requests.

Knowledge is very important to the elspec group. That's why Thomas Weber travels all over Germany every year to exchange ideas with engineers. This enables the team to always know what the market needs and react accordingly. It also includes, of course, timely training for the team. The special feature here is that the employees are not only sent to external training courses, but also that colleagues pass on their knowledge to the employees through internal training courses. This supports the team spirit and gives the employees the opportunity to communicate with each other.

For our customers, it means that the team of elspec group is well equipped and prepared to solve their problems.