Social Commitment

elspec group supports social projects

“Herzblut” means to be involved with passion – it is important for the people at elspec group and it requires to think outside the box. Through their social commitment, the elspec group supports various charities and projects, in order to provide a better life for children all over the world. Thomas Weber’s passion for sport is incorporated in the team spirit and used for a good cause.

Children need a family

OAfrica e. V. (formerly OrphanAid Africa Foundation) focuses on supporting families to the extent that parents are no longer forced to leave their children in orphanages due to poverty. OAfrica is a non-profit non-governmental organization that focuses its programmes and projects on supporting children in need of protection and assistance in Ghana, West Africa.

Originally founded in Ghana in 2002, OAfrica has grown over the years into an international organisation.

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Accompany with heart and mind

The organisation Inselhaus in Wolfratshausen offers comprehensive support for children, young people and their families. It is all about supporting them in their personal development and coaching social integration together with the family. The origins of the Inselhaus Kinder- und Jugendhilfe go back to Dörte Sambraus, which used its inheritance of over two million marks in 1981 to fulfill a dream. She wanted to help children who are disadvantaged and affected by family circumstances in their development.

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We fight together

Through events such as runs, bazaars and benefit concerts, the blood. eV informs about the importance of stem cell donation. It’s all about helping people with cancer and giving them a chance to survive. Every leukemia or lymphoma patient who needs a stem cell donation should have a chance of survival. That’s why we’re looking for new alien stem cell donors. In addition, we fill regional gaps in care and support cancer patients and their families during and after their illness.

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Finding the right way

This exciting project of the Montessori School is led by young people and adults, with the aim of economic independence, by looking back on the breeding ground of nature. Here, young people learn to take on responsibility early on and what physical work means. The basic idea of the Montessoripädagogik is the request “Help me to do it myself In the Erdkinderhaus, young people are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge learned at school in practice.

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