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Our Heart Beats For Inselhaus

The Story

Inselhaus Kinder- und Jugendhilfe gemeinnützige GmbH

Administrative headquarters in Wolfratshausen, operates two children's homes, curative day care center, takes in children in families, cares for families on site, cares for young people during their apprenticeship or training period, currently about 80 children, young people and their families; animal-assisted pedagogy with horses and dogs.


Help us - so that young people have a future!

We live in a time in which social inequality is constantly increasing. Particularly affected by this are children who are denied access to social participation due to poverty, social exclusion and poor education on the part of their parents. These children often suffer from violence in the family, neglect, addiction or even abuse and often show developmental disorders and traumatization. They require extensive competent and professional curative pedagogical-therapeutic help in order to be able to develop a positive perspective on their lives again. Inselhaus Kinder- und Jugendhilfe offers space for such developments. Since the public funds for this are far from sufficient and the trend is towards ever more cuts, we are dependent on your donations. Help us to support the children and young people.

Support with heart and mind

Inselhaus Kinder- und Jugendhilfe is commissioned by the Youth Welfare Office to take care of children and young people who have to grow up under difficult social conditions. The youth welfare facility professionally cares for young people from infancy to adulthood, during the day or full-time in families and home groups. This demanding work is invaluable for the individual children and their families - as well as for our society. The state funds available to Inselhaus Kinder- und Jugendhilfe for its curative educational work are limited. That is why Inselhaus Kinder- und Jugendhilfe depends on your support. Donate for the benefit of the children and young people!

Reliance and security

Reliable caregivers provide support and security. They create a healing atmosphere in our facilities, in which the children and adolescents feel secure and accepted with their individual interests and abilities. The focus is on the individual development of each person and the understanding that every behavior of children and adolescents is an expression of coping with experienced reality.
The involvement of animals can promote and support the personality development of children and adolescents. That is why some of our facilities work with a focus on animal-assisted pedagogy.

Support Inselhaus Kinder- und Jugendhilfe with your donation!

The donation is being used for small trips and excursions for the children's groups, Maintenance of work with horses and dogs (not refinanced), Music lessons, Sports and exercise opportunities in clubs: dancing, basketball, soccer. Bicycles, Tutoring, Social participation: Admission to cultural events, museums, MVV tickets, Art therapy (unfortunately not refinanced by public funds),

Learning to cook, nature and environment: garden projects, building and planting raised beds, nature education, equipment when the young people become independent:  Furniture, kitchen, closet, bed, table, etc.