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Coaxial Plug Connectors in High-Frequency Applications

Finding the matching connector

We distinguish between screwable connectors and PUSH-PULL connectors. With screw-type connectors, it is very important to plug in the interface first and then secure it with the union nut. This will hold the cable in place to prevent gate friction damage. Ask for our photos from the MRT, cables can have tiny cracks in the outer conductor if used improperly.


...QUALITY. The quality of connectors is defined via three classes. Production-, Instrument- and Metrology Quality.


Connectors are to be checked regularly for full integrity - best before every use. Plugs should be clean and without any scratches and dents.


... RANGE. The largest frequency range in which a coaxial cable keeps to the TEM-mode can be calculated with the a formula.


maximum power-load | maximum number of mating cycles | passive intermodulation (PIM)


1.0 mm Type

Serie 1.85mm

Serie 2.4mm

Serie 2.92mm

Serie SMA | 3.5mm








Serie SMP-Mini / GPPO

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