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New semi-rigid cable assembly with a 1.0 mm connector, which can be used up to 110 GHz.
Because the cable is thin (1.22 mm), it is a great challenge for the production to assemble this cable correctly.

The gap between the semi-rigid cable and the soldered-on pin has an effect on the adaptation and must therefore be precisely matched.In addition, too little or too much solder must not be used, otherwise the adaptation of the connector will immediately deteriorate.
Another special feature of this assembly is the shape: This is not a flat but a 3D assembly that is bent by hand on a specially made bending plate.
This fabrication is made by hand at the elspec group's in-house manufacturing facility and requires enormous dexterity and skill. Since it is a filigree cable, it is precisely assembled under a microscope.It is precisely this precision that our customers appreciate in this production.


Kabelkonfektion mit einem 1,0 mm Stecker

Features in short form

  • Interface according to IEC 61169-31
  • Frequency range up to 110GHz
  • Air dielectric with PEEK supports
  • Cable groups: UT-047/ Stormflex047EW

It was developed at Hewlett-Packard in 1989 by Paul Watson. The requirements on production are very high, in keeping with the small dimensions.
Even the smallest deviations are immediately noticeable in the characteristics as the following values show.
Tolerance of 0.005mm 49.05Ω - 51.03Ω
Tolerance of 0.010mm 48.07Ω - 52.03Ω

The union nut also has a metric thread (M4 x 0.7) but is smaller than that of the 2.4mm and 1.85mm. This prevents it from being paired with the 2.4mm or 1.85mm is paired.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and may be either male or female. 1mm high frequency connectors are used in medical applications, such as X-ray and MRI machines, as well as in ultrasound equipment, industrial applications, robotic, automation, and control systems.

Precision 1.0mm series connectors have 50 Ω impedance and outer conductor diameter of 1.0mm. This connector series is used for the new demanding test and measurement applications up to 110 GHz.
The connector series 1.0mm meets the highest level of reliability and repeatability in the spectrum of the highest bandwidth. The interface is standardized according to IEC 61169-31 and therefore mate compatible with all common 1.0mm connectors. The elspecgroup product portfolio includes flexible coaxial cable assemblies, semirigid cable assemblies, PCB connectors and waveguide coaxial adapters.