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Serie 2.4mm


2.4mm Type
was developed in 1986 at Hewlett-Packard by Julius Botka and Paul Watson. There was no need for compatibility with the SMA, and any corresponding requirements could be left without consideration. The 2.4mm is available in all three quality standards for production, instrumentation, and metrology. The 2.4mm series precision connector can be used from DC to 50GHZ and its design looks like a 2.92mm at first glance.

This connector is constructed with stainless steel corrsions-restistant passivated and berylium copper per ASTM-B-196 gold plated materials. The precise thread of the coupling nut ensures excellent high frequency characteristics and a reliable high frequency connection.
There are different versions for housing installation and for use with printed circuit boards. The user can choose between two tolerance grades:
Economic or production grade / lab or instrument grade. The 2.4mm series is connector compatible with the 1.85mm series, unfortunately not compatible with the 2.92mm, 3.5mm and SMA series. For this task our adapters 2.4mm to SMA or 2.4mm to 2.92mm help. Our Stormflex series patch cables are also very popular.
2.4mm plug for EZ-Form semirigid RG405 / EZ-086
2.4mm plug/jack for Harbour Industries flexible microwave cable SS405
2.4mm plug/jack for Dynawave flexible microwave cable DF150
Meaning: precision connector with union nut up to 50GHz | Plug compatible with precision connector series 2.4mm | Available for cable group EZ-047 / SS405 / SRF086 PLUS many options for PCB's | Interface according to IEC61169-40.


  • Improved electrical performance: 2.4mm connectors offer enhanced electrical performance over larger connectors due to their smaller size and more efficient contact design. This makes them ideal for use in high-frequency applications.
  • Increased space savings: 2.4mm connectors require significantly less space than larger connectors, making them an ideal choice for use in tight spaces.
  • Low cost: The low cost of 2.4mm connectors makes them a cost-effective choice for many applications.
  • Durability: 2.4mm connectors are designed to withstand high levels of vibration and shock, making them a reliable choice for harsh environments.
  • Ease of use: 2.4mm connectors are designed for simple and easy installation, making them a popular choice for use in a variety of applications.