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Serie 2.92mm


Based on the geometry of the 2.92mm, Maury Microwave introduced the MPC3 in the middle of the 1970s. At the time there was rarely any need for a connector working up to 40 GHz and little attention was given to the new plug. In 1983, Wiltron (today Anritsu) marketed the first devices working up to 40 GHz, and they were fitted wit the 2.92-type. They offered the connector under the brand K-plug, as well, with the K standing for K-band indicating that it reached up to the K-band (20 - 40 GHz). The design is based on the SMA and therefore connection to the SMA is possible. The manufacturers have constructed the connector such that that no damage occurs in this use as long as the connector is in the proper good condition.