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Serie 2.92mm


2.92mm Type
Based on the geometry of the 2.92mm, Maury Microwave introduced the MPC3 in the middle of the 1970s. At the time there was rarely any need for a connector working up to 40 GHz and little attention was given to the new plug. In 1983, Wiltron (today Anritsu) marketed the first devices working up to 40 GHz, and they were fitted wit the 2.92 Type. They offered the connector under the brand K-plug, as well, with the K standing for K-band indicating that it reached up to the K-band (20 - 40 GHz). The design is based on the SMA and therefore connection to the SMA is possible. The manufacturers have constructed the connector such that that no damage occurs in this use as long as the connector is in the proper good condition.

The 2.92mm radio frequency connector is a type of coaxial RF connector designed for use in high frequency applications. It is typically used in applications such as radio frequency, microwave, and test and measurement equipment. It is a low-power connector, rated for frequencies up to 18GHz and is available in both male and female versions. The 2.92mm connector is often preferred over other larger connectors such as SMA and 3.5mm due to its small size and light weight. It is also an impedance-matched connector, which ensures signal integrity. It is relatively easy to install and use, and can be purchased in both pre-assembled and bulk components.
Matching coaxial cable: RG-405.
The most popular coaxial cable with the RF connector 2.92mm is the Henry RF-195 coaxial cable. It is a high-performance coaxial cable designed for use in RF applications. It features a stranded center conductor of silver-plated copper and a dielectric of foam polyethylene. It is available in a variety of lengths and diameters for different applications.


  • High Frequency Performance: The 2.92mm connector is designed to provide excellent high frequency performance, with an excellent return loss performance up to 18GHz.
  • High Power Handling: The 2.92mm connector is capable of handling high power levels up to 3.5kW, making it an ideal choice for high power applications.
  • Low Insertion Loss: The connector has low insertion loss, making it suitable for applications where signal integrity is important.
  • Durability: The 2.92mm connector is designed to be robust and reliable, with a high temperature rating and excellent vibration and shock resistance.
  • Cost Savings: The 2.92mm connector provides a cost effective solution as it is a lower cost alternative to other RF connector types.