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SMPmini connectors are plug-in compatible with GGPO™ connectors.
The connector series Mini-SMP / SMP-mini / GPPO are coaxial subminiture connectors for applications up to 65 GHz. The connector GPPO / SMP-mini has a reduced size of about 70% compared to the SMP series. This connector series is especially suitable for the transmission of high speed signals, e.g. at 10 or 40 Gbit/s. The GPPO / SMP-mini is used as a " smooth bore version" for plug-in technology.

In case of mechanical stress we recommend the vibration stable "Full Detent" design for applications especially in aerospace.


✅ low input of mass in quantum technology
✅ Space-saving vertical plugging including self-alignment that occurs when plugging from board to board
✅ Up to 70% space savings



Because one of our core competences is research and development, we would like to show you the difference between SMPmini and GPPO.
With the following illustrations below we present you the result.

SMPmini View 1

SMPmini View 2

SMPmini View 3

GPPO View 1

GPPO View 2

GPPO View 3


Microwave Cable Assemblies with SMPmini or GPPO available from our stock in Geretsried

Order Nr.: Description Packaging Unit In Stock Request
12345 SS405-SMPm21-SMPm21-0100 10 Make a request
12346 SS405-SMPm21-SMPm21-0250 10 Make a request
12347 SS405-SMPm21-SMPm21-0350 10 Make a request
12348 SS405-SMPm21-SMPm21-0500 10 Make a request
18797 SS405-292_11-GPPO21-0200 - Flexible Assembly 2.92mm (m) onto GPPO (f) 200mm length 10 2 Weeks Make a request
18931 RA50047-GPPO21-offen-0100 - SemiRigid Assembly GPPO (female) open 100mm length 10 2 Weeks Make a request
18933 RA50047-1.8511-GPPO21-0200 - SemiRigid Assembly 1.85mm (m) onto GPPO (f) 200mm length 10 2 Weeks Make a request
21225 STF086-GPPO21-GPPO21-0450 - Flexible Assembly GPPO (f) onto GPPO (f) 450mm length 10 2 Weeks Make a request

Custom configurations available within 2 weeks


Our connectors are being used in a variety of applications

Compatible and suitable for cable groups in the table below. Standard lengths are 100mm/200mm/250mm/400mm
Cable Group SMPmini SP SMPmini RA 2.92mm 2.4mm 1,85mm
Flexibles Microwave Cable 0,047 inch
Flexibles Microwave Cable 0,086 inch
Handformable 0,047inch x
Handformable 0,086inch
Semirigid 0,047inch x
Semirigid 0,086inch