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70GHz to 110 GHz

E und W-Band Test Assembly


The SUBMINIATURE Semirigid Cable Manufacture 1.0 - Cable assemblies for a frequency range up to 110 GHz

Take a look at our in-house manufacture and see how we make cable assemblies for a frequency range up to 110 GHz. At elspec group precision and highest quality is a must and that is why all materials are controlled before production. Especially for this cable assembly there is a bending plate on which the cables are bent to size in order to avoid damage to the cable. After finishing the assembly, each one is tested several times with a voltage of 100V to ensure electrical safety. In this video you can see the cable UT047, which is tinned with copper and has an outer diameter of 1.22mm, a transparent PTFE insulation and a magnetic steel-copper inner liner, which is silver-plated and has a diameter of 0.29mm. Steps shown here are cutting the cable, tinning and soldering, stripping, assembling the connector body and bending. Everything you see is handmade.


SUBMINIATURE assemblies for a frequency range up to 110 GHz


  • Outer Conductor - Copper
  • Outer Conductor - Plating TIN
  • Dielectric - PTFES Nominal


  • Temp Range °C: -55 to +100°C


  • Nominal Impedance Ohms 50.0 ±2.5
  • Voltage Withstanding VRMS @ 60 Hz 2000
  • Maximum Operating capacity of Frequency GHz 107 Solid PTFE dielectric


A microwave cable assembly with a cable of the Storm Flex® 047 series

Storm SF047EW offers engineers the proven longevity and robustness in their connection tasks. The bandwidth is fashion-free and optimized up to 110GHz. The flexible SF047EW cable is designed for the smallest bends corresponding to the insert damping / insertion loss addressed by waveguides. The assembly is equipped with the new 1.35mm connector system. This e-band connector can be used up to 90GHz and has closed the gap between the established 1.85mm connector and the 1. 0mm connector. The 1.85mm connector is designed up to 65GHz/ 70GHz and has a robust design. The 1.0mm series can be used up to 110GHz mode-free with the disadvantage that it can loosen during use.


  • High pressure resistance and longer durability
  • Eliminates cable breakage with repeated bending and handling
  • Continuous, repeatable electrical power with flexur 
  • Allows coaxial connectivity up to 110GHz
  • Eliminates the need for wave guides


  • Solid PTFE dielectric
  • Ultra-high strength outer braid 
  • Optimized for use in electrical and W tapes


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