The elspec group offers a variety of standard products. These cables are held on stock and are available much faster than customized cables. Customized cable assembly solutions are available on request.
For more information on our divers distribution system visit us at www.elspecgroup.de, or contact us directly and send us an email to sales@elspecgroup.de.

Construction Values

  • Inner Conductor: StCuAg
  • Dielectric: PTFE
  • Outer diameter: cable with armour ( 5,3mm)
  • Outer diameter: complete connector ( 9,6mm)
  • Min Bend Radius: 70mm

Electrical Values

  • Operating Frequency: DC to 70GHz
  • Loss: 20GHZ 3,3 dB/m;  Loss: 40GHz 5,1 dB/m
  • Loss: 50GHz 5,9 dB/m ; Loss: 70GHz 7,9 dB/m
  • Shielding Effectiveness: min 90dB ( 0,1 to 18GHz)
  • Typical VSWR: 1 .22:1 @ 65GHz

44GHz / 50GHz



Article Product Description Connector
20952 70GHz Cable Assembly TM01-185_11-185_11-1000 1.85 (70G) Straight PLUG auf 1.85 (70G) Straight Plug 1Meter long
21002 70GHz Cable Assembly TM01-185_11-185_21-1000 1.85 (70G) Straight PLUG auf 1.85(70G) Straight JACK 1Meter long

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