These cables are held on stock and are a available much faster than customized cables. Customized cable assembly solutions are available on request.


These are primarily used for applications in very high frequency ranges. They offer lower insulation compared to comparable flexible cables


Assembled RF cables from elspec mean for the user - dispensing with assembly, specialist personnel and reducing delivery times compared to the procurement of individual components.


Low Loss Cables – a new cable family has been developed with this motto, which differs from conventional standard cables due to its elaborate design.


By the elspec distribute, we can send standardized products to you within the shortest possible time. We have 1,000 products in stock, which you can retrieve immediately. Please feel free to contact us!


We design according to customer-specific user criteria in any number of variants. This also includes multiple cables, e. g. combined with LF cables.


Many years of experience, trained staff, special assembly facilities, professional production monitoring as well as sorting out controls guarantee impeccable quality.



Product Review

elspec group Flexible Microwave Cables

RG-Cables / MIL-DTL

Subminiature Cables

Cryogenic Cables

Low Loss Cables

RG-Cables / MIL-DTL


tightly controlled manufacturing tolerances

UL-styles with tags/lables

with detailed test reports



Subminiature Cables


More space in the device, as the cable is extremely small.

lowest weight

smallest diameter

shortest radius for installation



Perfect fit: Find the coaxial cable that fits your applications at Harbour Industries, and order it directly at elspec group.

Low Cost Low Loss Cables


Cable for the operating frequency band 1GHz to 6 GHz

Best price level

Crimp connector available for safe installation

Flame resistance EN60332-1 CPR class Eca

1 cable group for INDOOR and OUTDOOR



Cryogenic Cables


Cable for lowest and highest operating temperature - temperature stable.

Reduced signal noise

lowest weight


Why elspec group?


Whether crimping, cutting or soldering - our trained employees work with calm hands and great precision. As soon as it goes beyond the standard cable, we assemble cables with our in-house manufacture that specifically fit your requirements.


Since the company was founded in 1982, elspec group has been able to collect an enormous amount of knowledge in the field of Radio Frequency. Even though we offer a variety of standardized cables, we also offer customized Network Analyzer Test Cables, which we craft in our own manufactory.


Good is not good enough when it comes to the quality of our products. We know for sure our RF Cable Assemblies and quality assurance is a top priority for us. This is mirrored in our excellent products. With our state of the art machinery, for example of the companies like Schleuniger and Rohde & Schwarz, we make sure that our products are of the highest quality.

elspec group is MIL-AERO partner from TIMES Microwave Systems.

Knowledge Base

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Can You Bend a Cable?

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Dipl. Ing. (FH) Stefan Burger demonstrates, with the coaxial cable Storm Flex® from Teledyne Storm Microwave, how flexible cables can be. Speaker: Thomas Weber (CEO of elspec).

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Optimal selection of measuring cables

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How can I select the most suitable measurement cable for my application, and how important is a well thought-out kink-protection? Find a detailed explanation and manual on this topic in our Whitepaper

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Connect coaxial cable adapter correctly (with torque wrench)

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Coaxial measurement cables must usually provide precise measurement results on the Network Analyzer. A torque wrench is essential to ensure that the lifespan of the cable is as long as possible, and that the measurements are accurate. It prevents over-twisting and thus prevents damage to the cable.

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