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Low Loss Coaxial Cables


Low loss coaxial cables for superior demands regarding phase stability, lower attentuaion and better VSWR.This is a newly developed family of cables that are distinct from conventional standard cables through their sophisticated design. They have a dielectrin in the form of specially treated PTFE banding, for instance, and three-layer stripbraid shielding. It is these two components that enable very high demands to be satisfi ed for certain electrical characteristics.

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Order No. Description Inner Conductor Material Inner Conductor Construction Dielectric Material Shield Jacket Material Jacket Diameter in mm Impedance (OHM) Cut of Frequency Screening attenuation Max. Operating Temp. in °C Stock
15767 LMR240-FR Cu Draht/Solid SPE Alu Tape + CuSn PE 6,10 50 8 > 90dB 85 ON STOCK
15782 LMR400UF CuAl Litze/stranded SFE Alu Tape + CuSn TPE 10,29 50 6 > 90dB 85 ON STOCK
15762 LMR195UF Cu Litze/stranded SPE Alu Tape + CuSn TPE 4,95 50 6 > 90dB 85 ON STOCK
15822 LMR600UF CuAl Litze/stranded SFE Alu Tape + CuSn TPE 14,99 50 6 > 90dB 85 ON STOCK
19809 LL142-26GHZ CuAg Draht/Solid EPTFE Folie + 2x CuAg FEP 4,96 50 26,5 > 90dB 200 ON STOCK
15685 LL335i CuAg Draht/Solid EPTFE Folie + 2x CuAg FEP 7,62 50 18 > 90dB 200 ON STOCK

A low loss version also differs from the standard type (MIL-C-17) for comparable attenuation - through its much reduced diameter. That means greater flexibility and weight saving.

Recommended connectors

Recommended Cable Assemblies

Order No. Assembly description Detailed description Stock
15686 LL335I-N11-N11-0500 LL335i N SP to N SP 500mm ON STOCK
11785 LL335i-N11-N11-1000 LL335i N SP to N SP 1000mm ON STOCK
18289 LL335i-N11-N11-3000 LL335i N SP to N SP 3000mm ON STOCK
18482 LL335I-N11-N11-5000 LL335i N SP to N SP 5000mm ON STOCK

Low Loss Cable Assembly

Assembly available in different lengths


  • Very high shielding efficiency (especially important for EMC)
  • Lower attenuation
  • Lower capacitance
  • Higher transmitted power
  • Improved Impedance tolerances of 50 Ohm
  • High Speed dielectric material
  • Reduced VSWR
  • Higher phase stability
  • Lowest loss at a high frequency (up to 65 GHz)

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