Miniaturization and the quality of signal transmission are currently the key issues in industry, the military and medical technology. With an outer diameter of at least 0.034 inch / 0.86 mm, the miniature coaxial cables have since been developed up to 110 GHz. Recommended connectors: MMCX, SMP, Mini-SMP, SMA and 1.35mm


  • Premium space saving solution
  • High flexibility
  • Light weight
  • Temperature-resistant dielectric (PTFE)
  • Excellent soldering characteristics

Subminiatur Cable

Article description Impedance Outer diameter Loss at 1GHz
MK5001 50Ω 1,05 mm 2,4 dB/m
MMK5001 50Ω 0,53 mm 3,8 dB/m
MK7501 75Ω 1,10 mm 2,1 dB/m
MK9501 95Ω 1,5 mm tbd
CR34 50Ω 0,86 mm 1,58 dB/m