Miniaturization and the quality of signal transmission are currently the key issues in industry, the military and medical technology. With an outer diameter of at least 0.034 inch / 0.86 mm, the miniature coaxial cables have since been developed up to 110 GHz. Recommended connectors: MMCX, SMP, Mini-SMP, SMA and 1.35mm

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Order No. Description Inner Conductor Material Inner Conductor Construction Dielectric Material Shield Jacket Material Jacket Diameter in mm Impedance (OHM) Cut of Frequency Screening attenuation Max. Operating Temp. in °C Stock
16021 MMK5001 Cu Draht/Solid PFA 1 x CuAg PFA 0,53 50 3 - 50dB 200 ON STOCK
15988 MK7501 CuAg Draht/Solid PTFE 1 x CuAg FEP 1,10 75 3 - 50dB 200 ON STOCK
15971 MK5001 CuAg Draht/Solid PFA 1 x CuAg PFA 1,05 50 3 - 50dB 200 ON STOCK
15977 MK5002 UL STYLE 1354 Cu Litze/stranded PFA 1 x CuAg FEP 1,18 50 3 - 50dB 200 ON STOCK

Recommended connectors

Recommended Cable Assemblies

Order No. Assembly description Detailed description Stock
15972 MK5001-SMA11-SMA11-0250 MK5001 SMA SP to SMA SP 250mm ON STOCK
20783 MK5001-SMA11-SMA11-0500 MK5001 SMA SP to SMA SP 500mm ON STOCK
20785 MK5001-SMA11-SMA11-0750 MK5001 SMA SP to SMA SP 750mm ON STOCK
19011 MK5001-SMA11-SMA11-1000 MK5001 SMA SP to SMA SP 1000mm ON STOCK

MK5002 Cable Assembly

Assembly available in different lengths


  • Premium space saving solution
  • High flexibility
  • Light weight
  • Temperature-resistant dielectric (PTFE)
  • Excellent soldering characteristics

Subminiatur Cable