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Miniaturization and the quality of signal transmission are currently the key issues in industry, the military and medical technology. With an outer diameter of at least 0.034 inch / 0.86 mm, the miniature coaxial cables have since been developed up to 110 GHz. Recommended connectors: MMCX, SMP, Mini-SMP, SMA and 1.35mm.

Subminiature high frequency cables are critical in the electronics industry. These cables are small but powerful and offer a variety of benefits, including low loss, high bandwidth and high frequency performance. Engineers, physicists and scientists who use subminiature cables in high-frequency applications know how important it is to thoroughly understand the characteristics of these cables. We have extensive experience in the design, production, manufacture and installation of subminiature cables. We share our knowledge and recommendations with you to help you select and apply subminiature cables to your projects. With our e-book, you will make an informed decision when using such cables in your projects.

Order No. Description Inner Conductor Material Inner Conductor Construction Dielectric Material Shield Jacket Material Jacket Diameter in mm Impedance (OHM) Cut of Frequency Screening attenuation Max. Operating Temp. in °C Stock
16021 MMK5001 Cu Draht/Solid PFA 1 x CuAg PFA 0,53 50 3 - 50dB 200 ON STOCK
15988 MK7501 CuAg Draht/Solid PTFE 1 x CuAg FEP 1,10 75 3 - 50dB 200 ON STOCK
15971 MK5001 CuAg Draht/Solid PFA 1 x CuAg PFA 1,05 50 3 - 50dB 200 ON STOCK
15977 MK5002 UL STYLE 1354 Cu Litze/stranded PFA 1 x CuAg FEP 1,18 50 3 - 50dB 200 ON STOCK

Recommended connectors

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  • Premium space saving solution
  • High flexibility
  • Light weight
  • Temperature-resistant dielectric (PTFE)
  • Excellent soldering characteristics

Subminiatur Cable

This video is about the FlexFit-GPO21-GPO21-0300 coaxial cable, specifically designed for use in high frequency applications. It provides reliable transmission of signals at high frequencies and is available in various configurations, including different lengths and connectors. The video provides an overview of the FlexFit cable's technical specifications, such as the maximum frequency of 18 GHz,
the shielding effectiveness of -55 dB up to 18 GHz and the minimum bending radius of 1.91 mm (static) and 6.35 mm (dynamic). The FlexFit cable is very flexible and can withstand many repeated bends without compromising its performance. The wide temperature range also makes it suitable for many environments.



FlexFit cable assemblies offer low resistance to bending, light weight and an ideal solution for applications with tight space constraints. With a stranded center conductor that provides high flexibility with electrical and physical stability and can withstand over 500,000 bends, FlexFit cable is built to last. The FlexFit cable a reliable and flexible solution for a wide range of applications, from medical devices to aerospace applications.. Download DATASHEET 

Take a look at our in-house manufacture and see how we make cable assemblies for a frequency range up to 110 GHz. At elspec group precision and highest quality is a must and that is why all materials are controlled before production. Especially for this cable assembly there is a bending plate on which the cables are bent to size in order to avoid damage to the cable. After finishing the assembly, each one is tested several times with a voltage of 100V to ensure electrical safety. In this video you can see the cable UT047, which is tinned with copper and has an outer diameter of 1.22mm, a transparent PTFE insulation and a magnetic steel-copper inner liner, which is silver-plated and has a diameter of 0.29mm. Steps shown here are cutting the cable, tinning and soldering, stripping, assembling the connector body and bending. Everything you see is handmade.


SUBMINIATURE assemblies for a frequency range up to 110 GHz


  • Outer Conductor - Copper
  • Outer Conductor - Plating TIN
  • Dielectric - PTFES Nominal


  • Temp Range °C: -55 to +100°C


  • S Nominal Impedance Ohms 50.0 ±2.5
  • Voltage Withstanding VRMS @ 60 Hz 2000
  • Maximum Operating capacity of Frequency GHz 107 Solid PTFE dielectric