An attenuator is a passive component that is inserted into the signal path to reduce the amplitude or the power by one level.
Depending on the type of signal, a distinction is made between fixed attenuators and programmable attenuators.
Attenuators have a constant attenuation over a wide frequency range. A signal attenuation of 20dB means an attenuation of the transmitted power to 1/100.


  • Ease of use
  • Efficient Operation


  • High Power
  • Long Operation Life
  • Compact Size


  • Test Systems
  • Wireless Application
  • Radar Systems
  • Transmitter
DGL SMA 0,75 20dB 18GHz 2W
Number Description Article Number Availability View Datasheet
14966 DGL SMA 0,75 1dB 18GHz 2W R411801121 ✅ on stock Datasheet
14968 DGL SMA 0,75 3dB 18GHz 2W R411803121 ✅ on stock Datasheet
14969 DGL SMA 0,75 4dB 18GHz 2W R411804121 ✅ on stock Datasheet
14970 DGL SMA 0,75 5dB 18GHz 2W R411805121 ✅ on stock Datasheet
14973 DGL SMA 0,75 20dB 18GHz 2W R411820121 ✅ on stock Datasheet

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