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An attenuator is a passive component that is inserted into the signal path to reduce the amplitude or the power by one level.
Depending on the type of signal, a distinction is made between fixed attenuators and programmable attenuators.
Attenuators have a constant attenuation over a wide frequency range. A signal attenuation of 20dB means an attenuation of the transmitted power to 1/100.


  • Ease of use
  • Efficient Operation


  • High Power
  • Long Operation Life
  • Compact Size


  • Test Systems
  • Wireless Application
  • Transmitter
DGL SMA 0,75 20dB 18GHz 2W

Attenuators - how can I improve my test port?

Superior performance - wonderful in competition - threatening in high frequency technology. With attenuators, small components that are screwed into the cable connections between devices, they master the problem. Unwanted powerful signals are thus reduced to a fixed degree so that they can be processed at the following input without damage or overload. Attenuators can also be used for power attenuation in front of terminating resistors or for impedance and port matching at inputs in the physical power frame.


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Art. Number Category Description Frequency Stock View Datasheet
AD-K2K25A_els/9X-9X Adapter 2.92mm (f) to 2.92mm (f) compatible with 3.5mm, SMA DC to 40 GHz TBD
21731 Adapter 2.92mm (m) to 2.92mm (f) compatible with 3.5mm, SMA DC to 40 GHz Datasheet
21732 Adapter 2.92mm (m) to 2.92mm (f) compatible with 3.5mm, SMA DC to 40 GHz Datasheet
21733 Adapter 2.92mm (m) to 2.92mm (m) compatible with 3.5mm, SMA DC to 40 GHz Datasheet
21908 Adapter 2.4mm NMD (f) to 2.92mm (f) compatible to: see datasheet DC to 40 GHz Datasheet

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Art. Number Description Manuf. description Stock View Datasheet
14966 DGL SMA 0,75 1dB 18GHz 2W R411801121 Datasheet
14968 DGL SMA 0,75 3dB 18GHz 2W R411803121 Datasheet
14969 DGL SMA 0,75 4dB 18GHz 2W R411804121 Datasheet
14970 DGL SMA 0,75 5dB 18GHz 2W R411805121 Datasheet
14973 DGL SMA 0,75 20dB 18GHz 2W R411820121 Datasheet
17054 SMA Termination 50 OHM 65 SMA-50-0-1/111 NE On request
Art. Number Description Frequency Power Remark Stock
QSDC-18000-31000-30 Single Directional Coupler 18 to 31GHz 30Watts Directivity: min.12dB Coupling: 20dB Connectors: 2.92mm
QSDC-18000-40000-30K 90 Degree Hybrid Coupler 18 to 40GHz 30Watts Directivity: min.12dB Phase Balance: 20dB Connectors: 2.92mm
QFA4002-40-20K Fixed Attenuators DC to 40GHz 2 Watts Attenuation: 20dB Connectors 2.92mm
QCT4002-40-K Coaxial Termination DC to 40GHz 2 Watts Connectors 2.92mm (male)