Flexible Cryogenic Coaxial Cable



At the elspec group, we know what requirements are placed on cryogenic cables. A hardness test/acid test for cables at very low temperatures shall be performed. It is important that this low heat is transported. With the new cryogenic coaxial cable from us, you are equipped for these extreme conditions.

Standard Copper Cable

  • Copper cables
  • Non-magnetic
  • High flexibility

Optimized Cable

  • Relative signal attenuation
  • Low heat conduction
  • Can be used in the range of 40m Kelvin
  • With a bandwidth of up to 40 GHz

The 1070551 from elspec with a SMPM connector is used as a flexible connection cable for probes in this area, e. g. For example, at STM Head mKelvin up to 4 Kelvin. The problem with this cable is the limited frequency bandwidth of 3GHz. Our solution is that we have further developed the 1070551 cable in terms of flexibility and connector adaptation.

Type Diameter Plastic Metal Max Frequency Att @ 3 GHz
MMK5001 0,53 mm PFA Cu, Ag 3 GHz 9.8 dB/m
MK5005 0,52 mm FEP Cu, Ag 10 GHz 9.2 dB/m
MK5001 1,05 mm PTFE, FEP Cu, Ag 3 GHz 4.4 dB/m
SFT29 1,42 mm FEP Cu, Ag 50 GHz 2.2 dB/m
SF034 0,93 mm PFA, FEP SS304, Ag 50 GHz 3.6 dB/m
SF047 1,36 mm PTFE, FEP SS304, Cu, Ag 50 GHz 2.4 dB/m
SF047 CRYO 1,36 mm PTFE, FEP SS304, Ag 50 GHz 3.4 dB/m
Weltall Kabel Astronaut

Cryogenic cables for applications at very low temperatures

For cryo applications where a very flexible cable is required, the subminiature coaxial cable MK5005 can be used, with a frequency bandwidth of 18GHz. It consists of silver-plated strands for the inner conductor as well as the shield and FEP as an insulator with an outer diameter of 0. 52mm. Due to the material used and the small diameter, it is still relatively flexible even at low temperatures. The appropriate connector is a SNAP IN connector from the SMPM series.

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