Whether crimping, cutting or soldering - our trained employees work with calm hands and great precision. As soon as it goes beyond the standard cable, we assemble cables with our in-house manufacture that specifically fit your requirements.


Since the company was founded in 1982, elspec group has been able to collect an enormous amount of knowledge in the field of Radio Frequency. Even though we offer a variety of standardized cables, we also offer customized Network Analyzer Test Cables, which we craft in our own manufactory.


Good is not good enough when it comes to the quality of our products. We know for sure our RF Cable Assemblies and quality assurance is a top priority for us. This is mirrored in our excellent products. With our state of the art machinery, for example of the companies like Schleuniger and Rohde & Schwarz, we make sure that our products are of the highest quality.

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We are a specialist for innovative and high quality cables solutions and connectors in the area of radio frequency, with a core competence up to 110 GHz.

We offer customized solutions for our customers for 35 years. With our strong international partners, such as Teledyne Storm Microwave, elspec achieves to lead the market and is able to react to ever change of market needs. It doesn’t matter rather it revolves around standard cable assemblies or customized solutions for the specific needs of our customers – elspec works with great experience and technical know-how to find the perfect solution.

With its own factory in Bavaria, we are equipped with excellent machinery. We are also the Value Added Reseller for Teledyne Storm Microwave cable assemblies for Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

High Performed 110 GHz Teflon Cables

Storm Flex® – SF047EW

This optimized Storm Flex cable enables coaxial connectivity up to 110 GHz while still maintaining the flexibility to accommodate a variety of test set-ups.


Solid PTFE dielectric

High compression resistance and greater durability

Eliminates cable breakage associated with repeated bending and handling

Consistent, repeatable electrical performance with flexure

Eliminates the need for waveguides

available frequencies: up to 110 GHz



Semi-Rigid 110 GHz

Best choice when it comes to an internal set-up.


cable always has the same length and shape

extremely good shielding effectiveness


Semi Rigid 0.047

Connector: 1.0 mm

On request also bent available

Solid PTFE

High End Teflon Cables

Phase Master® & Phase Master® enhanced

The perfect solution if your application requires cable assemblies offering phase stability and low loss, significant shielding effectiveness, value and increased durability.


Improved system performance

Less frequent calibration

Reduced insertion loss

A high Level of phase stability vs. temperature

available frequencies: up to 26.5 GHz



dB Miser™

The ultra-low loss cable assemblies dB Miser 160, 190, 210, 300, 096 & 110 Series.


Ultra-low insertion loss over the specified frequency range

Excellent amplitude stability with flexure

Stable performance over operating temperature range

Increased shielding effectiveness

available frequencies: up to 50 GHz

Cost effective Test Cables


This phase stable test and measurement cable assembly is ideal for comparative measurements and provides exceptional performance in applications requiring both durability and phase stability vs. flexure.


Calibration accuracy is maintained

Easy to use and longer life

Reduces down time




When requirements call for repeatability, reliability and excellent connector retention the FlexCore Cables are your cable.


Lifecycles validated to over 100K flexes

Stranded center conductor

worry-free operation

We will help you to archive your goals!

Reliable Teflon Cables


With the Hard-To-Hurttechnology, this cable is extra durable for everyday testing at 26.5 GHz and now also up to 40 GHz, for 15,000 flexures.


One cable for broadband testing

Reduces fatigue; maintains repeatability

Extends assembly life, which reduces costs

available frequencies: up to 40 GHz



True Blue®

The True Blue® cable is designed to be durable. However, for applications requiring added durability, assemblies are also available ruggedized, armored, and soft armored.


Low insertion loss and excellent amplitude stability

Longer cable assembly life due to greater connector retention

Laminate construction provides low signal leakage

Reduced lead time for configured assemblies

available frequencies: up to 50 GHz



Storm Flex®

The most flexible coax cable is the best solution when installed permanently as it can be bend without loss of stability.


High compression resistance and greater durability

Stable, miniature cable assemblies for connection during test

Ultra-high strength, multilayer outer braid

available frequencies: up to 67 GHz

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Low Budget PE Cables

EcoTest by elspec group

For lower frequencies elspec group offer cables specified to 3 GHz and up to 26.5 GHz, with the eBudget series EcoTest. It has a foamed polyethylene and PTFE dielectric, the interior conductor was coordinated to 50 Ω within a small tolerance window.


High mechanical durability

Halogen-free and flame-resistant

Excellent price/performance ratio

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